Ep 10: The Biggest Obstacle To Freelance Writing Success - And How To Beat It

August 15, 2016

The biggest challenge of self-employment is being the solution to every problem you ever face. And I'm talking about the biggest problem of all in this week's episode: self-sabotage. 

Call it how you like, but the self-defeating mindset is the single biggest obstacle facing freelance writers. Making excuses for not pitching, going round in circles because you don't have a portfolio, getting stuck charging low fees because you just can't find a way to move up a level - this is a bumper episode and I'm tackling it all. Plus, you get to find out what a sloth and a tangerine have in common - no word of a lie!

Tune in now to find out about the four most common self-defeat scenarios, and how you can move past them. I'm also including a special offer for your business this week to celebrate us hitting double figures - so thanks, as always, for listening.

Show Notes