Ep 17: How To Boost Your Freelance Writing Earnings Before The End Of The Year

November 9, 2016

The end is nigh! 2016 is almost through, and - with it - your chances to make it the profitable year you'd hoped for. But, it's not over yet - there are still some very effective ways to boost your freelance writing earnings before the year is out.

In this episode, I outline a good range of ways to earn extra money before 2017 - emails you can send to tempt clients into booking you out for December, formulae you can use to increase your freelance writing rates significantly (and relatively painlessly!), new fee formats that will enable you to charge more for every project you take on, and advice on how to streamline your brand, website and online activity so that clients will start to see you - and pay you - as the quality writer you are.

So, tune in now for a slightly longer snippet of wisdom this week - 19 minutes that will help you charge more, earn more, and enjoy life that little bit more too!




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